Dog Training Leash, Heavy Duty Braided Lead Leash

Dog Training Leash, Heavy Duty Braided Lead for Small/Medium/Large Dogs 4ft /5ft /6ft Long

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  • ★ DURABLE MATERIAL : Resists water & stains leather lead with minimal care, yet feels supple and won’t tear at your hands or collect hair like nylon leashes.
  • ★ STRONG HOOK : Die-cast forming with high density zinc alloy which can hold up to 300LB weight. This heavy duty swivel was designed to give you the ability to turn left or right.
  • ★ VARIETY SIZES : The leash width is 3/4 ” and the length of leash has 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large). Small one is 4 feet/1.2 meter, the medium is 5 feet/1.5 meter, and large is 6 feet/1.8 meter.
  • ★ ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING : Product packaging is the non-woven bag which has the advantages of light mass and perfect ventilation. The overwrap is compostable and 100% recycled.
  • ★ GUARANTEE POLICY : If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love this pet dog leash, just return it, and we’ll refund every penny (or replace it, if there is a problem).

Why does my dog stare at me when he/she poops?

dog poopI always wondered about this. I really thought it was because they are embarrassed or trying to say, “hey, let me poop in peace.” Which I say the same thing to them, when they come barging in the bathroom when I’m trying to go…lol

So, I was wrong. From what I read that dogs are in tuned with their surroundings. They have to be for survival purposes. During the time of when they are going potty they are most vulnerable. It’s because of the way they posture themselves during this time of eliminating, making him/her defenseless, more difficult for him/her to defend him/herself or to escape danger.


And this is where “you” come in. You are their pack leader, a member of the family. So, they need to depend on your for some kind of danger signal. If there is about to be danger while they re eliminating, they trust that you will give them a heads up.

So remember,  try not to do anything that will startle her if she is looking at you while she is going potty, Respect his/her potty time.


Grain Free Dog Treats, low calorie, made in USA

Grain Free Dog Treats – Premium Puppy Training Treats + Glucosamine for Joint Health – Bite-Size Gourmet Dog Biscuits Made in USA 

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20160513_162120Absolutely! Our dogs love all treats. What I love about these are that they are only 10 calories, grain free and made in the USA. And even though I got a bag at a huge discount for my honest review, I bought another bag. They were giving a discount on buying a second one. You can find the discounts they provide if you scroll down under Special Offers and Product Promotions. Our dogs are very happy. I love giving our dogs treats that are made with sweet potatoes and any treat that is healthy for them.

I would not say these are chewy, but they are not too hard either. They are like eating a chocolate chip cookie.

Sweet potatoes – a great grain-free, wheat-free source of carbs for your dog. It is proven that dogs cannot process grains are easily.

Dogs that consume fewer calories than they burn, lose weight. It’s just like a human, dogs are really no different. An overweight dog is more likely to die at a younger age. You can add nearly two extra years to your dog’s life just by maintaining your pet’s ideal weight.

Four great flavors to choose from20160513_162039

Sweet Potato
Peanut Butter

natural ingredients
grain free
10 calories per treat
made in USA

nothing at all

OVERALL: These treats are great. If you are looking at the price and saying they are too much, consider the fact that they are made in the USA and they are healthy for your dogs. That should be the main concern. Giving our fur babies healthy treats and feeding them healthy, will help them to live longer and be healthier.


Buck Bone – 100% Natural Shed Grade A Elk Antler Dog Chew

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Buck Bone Organics for all your dCollage75ogs chewing needs.

We always want to find the best and safest chew bone for our furbabies. We have tried many. Some good, some not so good. We finally came across antlers. Yes, real antlers. We thought we would give them a try. I know they are expensive, but you are getting what you paid for. Real does’t come cheap. I have tried a few different ones but so far the best ones that our dogs like are these that we found on amazon. They are a split antler. Our dogs can chew into what is inside, not  just the outside.  They are sold by Buck Bone Organics. The one we get is called: 100% Natural Shed Grade A Elk Antler Dog Chew  or they have a round cut antler chew one as well. Check them both out. I think you would like them and so would your dogs. This company has many different sizes and split or no split. You won’t have any  no sticky messes, odors, chemicals or added preservatives with these elk antlers. 


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chewing my favorite flip flop


Oh Noooooo! not my favorite pair of flip flops! Yup, they sure did.

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It’s been so long since we’ve had puppies in the house and we are constantly having to remember to watch their “every” move. Well, let me tell ya, if you don’t want to lose your favorite shoe or any other item, you really need to watch them “very” closely. Now, I’m not sure exactly which one is the culprit behind the taking of my flip flop, but that was a $35.00 pair of  flip flops. They were my ultimate favorite comfortable flip flop too. I was so upset. You should have seen their faces…lol They knew exactly what they did wrong.

I think I need to get more chew toys for them to chew on huh? lol I just ordered some from amazon. They just arrived and I’m hoping they will help with keeping them active so they don’t chew up my shoes. Coda, he likes to get into more than just shoes, he likes paper and even bowls. I put down a thick plastic bowl, the one that used to belong to our late dogs, Chuck and Sarah, but Coda thought it was a chew toy and picked it up, water inside and all. It was a complete mess…lol Yeah, I could not help but laugh though. Sadie enjoys trying to catch flying or walking bugs. She caught a mosquito once. Oh goodness. And she tries to eat the old tomatoes that are by my garden. Need to keep an eye on her. Puppies can eat something that can be toxic and well, that would not be good.

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Interactive Maze Slow Feed Bowl

Mr. Peanut’s Interactive Maze Slow Feed Bowl * Fun & Healthy Bloat Stop Feeder

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20160329_162116We were going to adopt a big dog, but ended up with a Chi-Wennie instead. She is not really getting this maze slow feed bowl, but also I don’t think she really needs it. I got the green one. I took it over to my neighbor’s house because they have a black lab. She was not sure about it at first, but after a day of it being there, she seems like she is liking it. I’m not really sure if she really likes it, but she is not gobbling her food down like she normally does. My neighbor was super happy about that. Her lab can’t be gaining any more weight, so this bowl will be perfect. She now wants to get the other maze designed dog bowls after her dog gets bored of this one. Overall it’s a well made bowl
hard plastic, which means hard to break.

Many dogs instinctively eat very quickly, sometimes just gulping their food down in a matter of seconds without chewing or even tasting their food. Often, larger dogs tend to eat more quickly. When your pet eats too quickly, it can cause choking, vomiting or regurgitation, and eventually result in obesity. Dogs that gobble their food also swallow a lot of air, resulting in excessive gassiness. I think that is why our last dog had gas a lot. Our Chuck always gulped his food down. He loved food that’s for sure.


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Grey & Pink Argyle Dog Sweater for Sadie

look out world, Sadie’s making a fashion statement!

Grey & Pink Argyle Design Pet Apparel Dog sweater
by PetTa

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GREY_PINKSWEATERSince we have adopted our dog. I have been trying different sweaters. So far, I’ve either gotten them too big or too small. Even though I measure her, some just don’t work out right. This one, however, is perfect size. I got a medium. This argyle sweater fits her comfortably. At least to me it does. She is not complaining, like trying to chew at it or try to take it off. She moves about the yard with ease. She is a puppy still with not much fur so she definitely needs something to keep her warm.

Make sure you measure your dog before buying. It’s made of acrylic fiber material and these type of materials are synthetic fibers made from a polymer. Acrylic is lightweight, soft, and warm, with a wool-like feel. Acrylic is generally hypoallergenic which is always a good thing. Some dogs are allergic just like humans.

•machine wash normal, and it says to tumble dry, but I personally suggest hanging out to dry.

•it’s not too thick, yet thick enough
•it’s fashionable
•light weight


OVERALL: I feel this is a nice affordable argyle dog sweater. Made well and durable. With proper care, I’m sure it will last a long time

GREY_PINKSWEATER 20160329_124832 20160329_124830









Fashion for the pups

Nothing says it better.. Puppy in fashion…..

I got on this kick of dressing my puppy up in little doggy shirts.  I started buying a bunch from amazon. Here are a few that I got.

A fleece sweeter, but it’s a little too small. I should have gotten medium instead of Small (view this one on amazon HERE  ) It’s super cute though. It looks kind of homemade.







Then I got this one and it fits really good. I like the way it fits on her, even though she tries to take it off (view on amazon HERE )
It’s made nice and doesn’t look like it’s made a home. I really like this one for winter

Sadie 3/29/2016

Sadie3.26.16Sadie is doing great approximately 5 months old now. She is still getting her potty training down. She has learned to sit. Next will be hand shaking. She only barks around others. We are working on that too. She loves to run like crazy in the back yard and play with her toys. We gave her a small blow up ball, but she popped So I gave her a tennis ball and she absolutely loves chasing it. She loves to curl up under a soft blanket.

I’ve been trying to invest in sweaters and collars for her. I love dressing her up in cute little sweaters. She loves to be warm.

This is way funny…lol When she goes out to go potty, she has to go where the fallen leaves are. She won’t go just any where. She will go look for fallen leaves to potty in. I’ve never seen a dog do that before, so it was quite funny to me.

She loves to always be by us. Actually loves to be right up on us. She always has to be up on our laps or next to us. When I’m in my office, she wants to get up in my lap and she tries to drink my coffee. She looooves coffee. So, we have to be careful. I put her on the floor with her blankies on her floor bed and she will cuddle up in her blankie or my house coat.3.29.2016





Reflective Mesh Soft Dog Harness Safe Harness No Pull Walking Pet Harnesses for Dogs

Reflective Mesh Soft Dog Harness Safe Harness No Pull Walking Pet Harnesses for Dogs

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*i received this product at a discount for my honest review.

HARNESS5These are great for Chihuahua,Miniature Poodle,Maltese,Terrier,Yorkie,Mini dachshund and similar small sized dog breeds. Well, lucky me, because we just adopted a small Chiweenie Chihuahua mix with Dachshund. When we take her for walks, she can be a little out of hand when we get around other dogs. Having a harness, helps let “me” be in control of her actions. I personally just feel it’s easier to handle her. She’s a very little dog that thinks she is a big dog.


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